TechXperT – Cebu IT Solution Provider

We’re a subsidiary of ISL Group that focuses on IT service outsourcing from hardware, software and IT system implementation. We also cater in rehabilitating an existing IT system and at the same time deploy an improved stable infrastructure. We can customize our IT service based on your requirements.

A Total IT Business Solution Provider based in Cebu, Philippines. We have the innovative and problem solving skills developed by Japanese Management expertise.

  We are a specialist in software and hardware that supports multinational, international and local companies for IT needs. We don’t offer to our client’s services that are mere guess work. Everything we do is studied and analyzed prior to doing a rigid implementation so that we will be able to ensure that services we render will be of great help to the customer’s operation.

 We can manage any industry or any type of business segment: Manufacturing, Utilities, Hospitality, Financial Services, Retail and Wholesale Business, Government and Education.

 We can set-up a Call Center or BPO IT System.

 We can help businessmen who wants to be “WORRY FREE” in terms of IT Management and monitoring.

 We can cater to an SME who wants to be more innovative in their working environment.

 We can also serve as an IT Consultant that will solve your recurrent IT Problems.